Professional Page Layout and Book Design

We provide page layout services to format your novel, poetry book, or picture book for publishing using Amazon KDP or IngramSpark.
Most book interiors look a lot alike from a design standpoint. If you stray too far from industry standards, the book looks odd and unprofessional to readers. Some of those standards are:

  • The Chicago Manual of Style dictates what a professionally designed book should have for style requirements.
  • Fonts Designed for printing. The fonts used in professionally typeset books tend to be in just a few designed for printing font families.
  • Amazon KDP or IngramSpark. have standards for the size and shape of books.

Information and Assistance

  • We can help you to understand and navigate the complexities of the self-publishing industry.
  • Help you get up to speed with what you need to know about editing and book design, including ISBNs, barcodes, printing, and your options for low-cost book design and formatting tools.
  • Help you understand your printing and distribution options, including Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, Apple Books, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and advantages /  limitations of local printing.
  • Personalized support for uploading / publishing your book on Amazon KDP or IngramSpark.
  • Personalized support using Zoom and other remote support tools included in most projects.

No Surprises, Flat Rate Book Design Pricing

  • Formatting for standard sizes offered by Amazon / IngramSpark for print on demand.
  • Standard interior formatting including copyright, dedication, chapter page, and title page design.
  • Choices of fonts and incidental graphics.
  • Preview and format revisions included.
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In the end, what will it cost you to print your book?

Historically, self-publishing was limited to so-called vanity presses who charged the author for designing and printing the book. The price per book varied depending on how many books you had in a print run. Often, to get a good price per book, large print runs were required. But times changed rapidly with print-on-demand. Amazon and IngramSpark charge low or no setup fee and provide author copies at a fixed price per book regardless of how many or how few books you order. Amazon and IngramSpark also provide basic online marketing services at no extra cost.

You can estimate page layout and other costs using our  Book Design Cost Estimates

Print on demand (POD) printing is done from a digital book design. The interior of a book is either color or not.

  • A quality paperback with a black-and-white interior will cost approximately two cents a page to print.
  • A quality paperback with a standard quality color interior will cost approximately eight cents a page to print.

Of course, the final price per page is set by Amazon or IngramSpark when the book is printed. These prices per page are only for example.