Tales From the Other Green Door Podcast

Tales from The Other Green Door is a podcast that is an offshoot of the book Out of Time, the most recent book in the Great Library series. The podcast’s story involves two elves: Jace Willowdale and her cousin Thirret Greenwood and their adventures in Portland, Maine.

Episode 12 is the final episode of the story “The Wings of Luck,” Season 1 of Tales from the Other Green Door. But never fear! We have plans for more chronicles of the elves of Portland, Maine.

Season 2 of the podcast will air in 2022, after At Sea, Book Four in the Great Library Series is finished.

“The Wings of Luck:” Episode 12
“Blood Bond:” Some talkative imps spill the beans.
“The Wings of Luck:” Episode 11
“Reckonings:” Jace and Thirret take Donod and the imps into the woods.
“The Wings of Luck:” Episode 10
“Showdown at Crescent Beach:” Jace, Thirret, and Niall discover that Iris has tricked them.
“The Wings of Luck”: Episode 9
“An Elfling, a Grenog, and an Onnea Go for a Bike Ride:” Iris puts her plans into motion.
“The Wings of Luck”: Episode 8
“What Iris Knew:” Iris takes matters into her own hands.
“The Wings of Luck:” Episode 7
“Releasing the Chien-Gardes:” Enter Etienne and Sabine.
“The Wings of Luck:” Episode 6
“Iris’s Flash:” Iris has a premonition of things going horribly wrong.
“The Wings of Luck:” Episode 5
“Donod Ashglade:” Jace and Thirret meet the elf who is behind it all.
“The Wings of Luck:” Episode 4
“To Love a Human:” While Jace reflects on the vagaries of love, danger and destruction hit close to home.
“The Wings of Luck:” Episode 3
“Three Imps walk into a bar:” Jace and Thirret are threatened by a weird, homely trio out for a night of trouble.
“The Wings of Luck:” Episode 2
“Hiding Luck:” Jace and Thirret must decide how to protect Ginni and Tove from the sinister elf, Donad Ashglade.
“The Wings of Luck:” Episode 1
“A Grenog Comes to the Café:” An unexpected visitor turns up at The Other Green Door, setting in motion a dangerous chain of events.

The theme music for The Other Green Door is from Fae by Meydän. You can listen to all of Fae and other works by Meydän HERE