The Tales From the Other Green Door Podcast

The Tales from The Other Green Door podcast is an offshoot of the book Out of Time, the most recent book in the Great Library series. The podcast’s story involves two elves: Jace Willowdale and her cousin Thirret Greenwood and their adventures in Portland, Maine.

Tale from the Other Green Door, The Wings of Luck, is currently only available for listening on our web site.

It was distributed by Spotify and a Spotify owned company. Given the current Joe Rogan misinformation controversy / Spotify Boycott, we have removed the current podcast from being distributed by Spotify and


The Other Green Door - The Wings of Luck

The Wings of Luck Episode 1- A Grenog Comes to the Café
An unexpected visitor turns up at The Other Green Door, setting in motion a dangerous chain of events.

The Wings of Luck: Episode 2:  Hiding Luck: Jace and Thirret must decide how to protect Ginni and Tove from the sinister elf, Donad Ashglade.

The Wings of Luck: Episode 3:
Three Imps walk into a bar: Jace and Thirret are threatened by a weird, homely trio out for a night of trouble.

The Wings of Luck: Episode 4:
To Love a Human: While Jace reflects on the vagaries of love, danger and destruction hit close to home.

The Wings of Luck: Episode 5:
Donod Ashglade: Jace and Thirret meet the elf who is behind it all.

The Wings of Luck: Episode 6:
Iris’s Flash: Iris has a premonition of things going horribly wrong.

The Wings of Luck: Episode 7:
Releasing the Chien-Gardes: Enter Etienne and Sabine.

The Wings of Luck: Episode 8:
What Iris Knew: Iris takes matters into her own hands

The Wings of Luck: Episode 9
An Elfling, a Grenog, and an Onnea Go for a Bike Ride: Iris puts her plans into motion.

The Wings of Luck: Episode 10
Showdown at Crescent Beach: Jace, Thirret, and Niall discover that Iris has tricked them.

The Wings of Luck: Episode 12
Blood Bond: Some talkative Imps spill the beans.

This podcast was written and presented Laurie Graves.
Audio recording and editing were done by Clif Graves. The music is by Meydän.