Of Time and Magic

Of Time and Magic
The Great Library Series (Book 4)
Author: Graves, Laurie
ISBN: 978-0-9978453-8-9
Publication Date: Nov 18 2022
Publisher: Hinterlands Press
Book Format: Paperback
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Of Time and Magic
Book Four in the Great Library Series
by Laurie Graves

Maya has gone over a cliff with an ogre.The president of the United States has been shot on a distant planet.Cinnial has taken over the Great Library.

With the help of his devoted friend Julian, Cinnial is frantically working to defeat Time and Magic to gain complete control of the Great Library.

Meanwhile, the Books of Everything and the librarians are in exile, waiting for the right time to strike back.From different parts of the universe, a team of teenagers comes together to help the Books of Everything and the librarians: Viola, who must decide whether or not to have her eyes peeled; Robbie, a friend from the Forest of Arden; and Wren, who has seen firsthand what happens when Chaos gains control. Maya's friends, Jay, Lexie, and Will, who went with her to Elferterre, have returned to Earth without her.

They have plans of their own.Of Time and Magic spans two universes, many planets, and the high seas. It concludes the story begun in Maya and the Book of Everything, when Maya began her fateful journey on that train from New York to Boston and gained possession of the enigmatic Book of Everything.