November 2020 Newsletter

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In 2016, when we published Maya and the Book of Everything, I had planned to write a monthly newsletter, but something always seemed to get in the way, ranging from writing my next book to going around Maine to various events to sell and promote my novels. Somehow, there never seemed to be enough time to work on a newsletter, ironic when you consider how much I write about Time (yes, with a capital T) in my Great Library Series, where Time is a ruling force in our universe.

When Library Lost, Book Two in the Great Library Series, came out in 2018, I again resolved to write a monthly newsletter. But yet again, time (or Time?) slipped away from me, and there was no newsletter.

Library Lost Cover

And now here we are in 2020 with a new novel, Book Three in the Great Library Series, aptly named Out of Time, currently available through Amazon. (At the end of November, Out of Time will be available directly through Hinterlands Press as well as through other vendors and book stores.)

Finally, finally my plans for a newsletter have come to fruition. What has changed? A not so little something called Covid-19, which has kept me extremely close to home. Among other things, we are no longer able to go from event to event with our books. There is no point in mincing words: This is a big loss for us as we sell many books this way. However, the pandemic has given me more time to focus on my writing, including the newsletter that I have put off for the past four years. I guess this falls under the category that it’s an ill wind that blows no good because no two ways about it, Covid-19 has been a very ill wind indeed.

Just in time for Out of Time, here is the first official Hinterlands Press Newsletter, which will now be published the second week of each month, with occasional brief updates if something cool happens.

Speaking of is the cover for Out of Time, created by the talented James T. Egan of Bookfly Design. I know we shouldn’t have favorites, but I do believe that of all three this is my favorite cover. And note how our baby has grown: Maya now looks like a young woman. But as Indiana Jones once famously said, it’s not the years, it’s the mileage, and zipping to and fro in our universe, Maya has put on some serious mileage.

In Out of Time, with her new team—Will, Jay, and Lexie—Maya sets out to a place called Elferterre, a dimension ruled by Magic rather than by Time. In Elferterre, Maya and her team embark on a quest to steal a magical key and lock from a powerful elf named Galli. In Elferterre—green and mysterious with a touch of steampunk—Maya, Will, Jay, and Lexie encounter allies and foes, including a talking cat, a witch, sprites, ogres, imps, and a mechanical horse. All the while, Magic swirls around Elferterre, enhancing the good and bad in every creature that Maya and her team meet.

To celebrate the publication of Out of Time, we will be giving away a signed copy of our new book as well as three calendars featuring a map of Norlander, Elferterre. To enter the giveaway contest go to

Giveaway entries will be accepted from 11/14/2020 through 11/28/2020. The drawing will be held on 12/1/2010.

Enter the Out of Time Giveaway

Please don’t be shy about entering this contest. I will ship Out of Time and the calendars anywhere on this planet.

À bientôt,

Laurie Graves

Out of Time is available now from Amazon as paper and e-book.
We will have books on hand for selling signed copies by 11/28/2020.

Online vendors and your local book stores (who work with the global Ingram Book Group) should be able to order Out of Time starting next week. 


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