Hinterlands Photography


We are unabashed lovers of libraries, big and small. Over the course of the year, we borrow over seventy books and one hundred DVDs from our town's library. It is our opinion that every town should have a thriving library. They give so much to a community and are worth every tax dollar spent.

We created a line of cards to be used as a fund-raiser for our own Charles M. Bailey Public Library.  If you are interested in learning more about our card offerings please use the contact us form

We live on the edge of things, and we like it that way. Our photographs reflect this sensibility, and indeed most of our pictures were taken in central Maine, which is not exactly on the beaten track. We love the woods, flowers, trees, lakes, and nature in general. On rare occasions, we venture to the Maine coast, but most of our photographs were taken in Winthrop, the town where we live. Indeed many of them were taken in our very own yard. Our pictures capture the quiet beauty of central Maine, of a rural town and the surrounding woods and lakes, and the progression of the seasons.

Photo-prints are pigment prints on high quality paper. When properly matted and framed, these images should stay beautiful for a very long time.

For photo-cards, the photographs are attached with corner mounts and are not permanently affixed to the paper. This means that the pictures can be removed and framed. Recently, a customer told us that one of our photos was displayed in a home in New Zealand.

From Maine to New Zealand to Ireland to Canada, our photos have traveled the world. We, on the other hand, stay right here in Maine, where we belong.