November 2020 Newsletter

In 2016, when we published Maya and the Book of Everything, I had planned to write a monthly newsletter, but something always seemed to get in the way, ranging from writing my next book to going around Maine to various events to sell and promote my novels. Somehow, there never seemed to be enough time to work on a newsletter, ironic when you consider how much I write about Time (yes, with a capital T) in my Great Library Series, where Time is a ruling force in our universe. When Library Lost, Book Two in the Great Library Series, came out in 2018, I again resolved to write a monthly newsletter. But yet again, time (or Time?) slipped away from me, and there was no newsletter. And now here we are in 2020 with a new novel, Book Three in the Great Library Series, aptly named Out of Time, currently available through Amazon. (At...

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