• No local printer has the marketing heft of Amazon or the international reputation and reach of Ingram.
  • Amazon KDP and IngramSpark have no minimum number of book purchase requirements.
  • Compared with having your book published by a small publisher, you are likely to make more money per book sold.
  • Your books will be available world wide, online and for bookstores to order.
  • Ability to have very small print runs at low cost per book.
  • You will have to setup an account with Amazon KDP or Ingram Spark and upload files. For those not comfortable online that can be a challenge.
  • You will have to purchase an ISBN for you book or use an ISBN supplied by Amazon KDP or Ingram Spark.

Note – We provide remote online assistance to help to help you setup your Amazon KDP or Ingram Spark account and upload files.

First we gather information about your book via our About Your Book form. We ask for you to upload the final proofed manuscript in Microsoft Word or Libre Office format. On the About your Book form please give us a detailed description of any special requirements such as graphics, pictures or other requirements.

Once you have completed About your Book form and uploaded your Manuscript we will give you a tentative project schedule and firm project cost estimate.

You will get a finished PDF interior file formatted for Amazon KDP printing or Printing by IngramSpark. If we supply the cover you will get a PDF cover file formatted for Amazon KDP printing or Printing by IngramSpark If your project also includes formatting an e-book, you will receive an epub format e-book file.

Once you have completed About your Book form and uploaded your Manuscript we will give you a tentative project schedule and firm project cost estimate.

Once we’ve scheduled your design project, we will give you a tentative delivery date. We’ll keep you informed as work progresses and then work with you through revisions to fine-tune your book layout. The time between the first design example and the finished book layout depends on the depth of revisions but usually takes about two weeks. If we are designing the cover, it usually adds one to two weeks, depending on the depth of cover revisions. If we are also doing an e-book that may add an additional week to the overall project.

Our availability varies based on current work. Once your information has been submitted on the About your Book form and we receive the initial down payment for your project, we will give you a firm commitment on availability and timeline for completion.


We have standardized the pricing as much as possible to provide you with no surprises pricing. The actual cost of your project depends on the type of manuscript and the number of pages. For example Book design work for a 24-50 page Poetry Book could cost about $175. Formatting a 350 page Novel can cost approximately $600. You can see more about pricing at our Book Design Price page.

We have examples and information for estimating your cost on the  Book Design Price page. The first part of the design process is for us to review you submitted information and manuscript to get a more firm estimate of the project page count and special needs. After reviewing your manuscript, and before we send you the the first invoice, we will give you and updated cost based on the anticipated number of pages and your submitted information about any special requirements.

We’ll send you an initial invoice for half the anticipated cost of your project before beginning work on your book project. We will send you a second invoice once the work is completed and you approve the draft design. Work does not begin until we receive payment for the first invoice amount. You will receive the final files ready to upload to Amazon or Ingram upon receiving the payment for the second invoice.

We provide finished files for printing by Amazon KDP or IngramSpark. You need to have or create an account with Amazon KDP or IngramSpark or both and upload the files. If that seems difficult, we can provide Zoom remote assistance to help you sign up and upload your files.

Just visit our Contact Us page to get in touch. We try to get back to all inquiries quickly.

What is an ISBN and do I need one?

An ISBN is international standard product identifier used by publishers, booksellers, libraries, internet retailers. It represents the exact size, shape, and content of a book. your own. The video below gives a good explanation or the pros and cons of using a free ISBN verses buying your own.