Information and Assistance

We can help you to understand and navigate the complexities of the self-publishing industry.

  • Help you get up to speed with what you need to know about editing and book design, including ISBNs, barcodes, printing, and your options for low-cost book design and formatting tools.
  • Help you understand your printing and distribution options, including Amazon KDP, IngramSpark, Apple Books, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and
  • Advantages and limitations of local printing.
  • Support for uploading / publishing your book on Amazon KDP or IngramSpark.
  • Support using Zoom and other remote support tools included in most projects.
  • Training and support on using Scribus desktop publishing software to format your book.

Online assistance using email, Zoom, and phone will be billed at $35 an hour counted by time used . We’ll send you an initial invoice for $70 before beginning work. If further assistance is needed after the first two hours, additional time will be billed monthly.