Maya and the Book of Everything
by Laurie Graves

One Girl, One Boy, One Book Against the Forces of Evil

Maya CoverMaya is on a train from New York to Boston, and a woman drops a book in her messenger bag. She realizes the woman is being stalked by a grim-faced man, whom Maya dubs “the man who didn't smile.” He desperately wants that book―the Book of Everything. Maya and the book make it safely to Boston and then by bus to Maine, but the man who didn't smile is in close pursuit.

The Book of Everything comes from a place called the Great Library. The book can do unusual things: its pages are seemingly endless, and it can zip people back and forth in time. Unfortunately, there is another book―the Book of Cinnial―sent to Earth by a group of adversarial librarians, whose purpose is to stop the Book of Everything. They do this by spreading lies and by trying to capture the book.

Andy is a boy from the past, and Maya meets him when the Book of Everything whisks her back to Andy's time in the 1970s. Soon, he and Maya travel to another world―Ilyria―and become embroiled with another Book of Everything, a deposed duke, warring brothers, a magical forest, and a toad queen.

Will Maya and Andy be able to save both Books of Everything? Will truth or lies prevail? And what, exactly, is the Great Library?

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Coming this Fall

Library Lost example cover

Stand-in for Library Lost Cover

Library Lost
Book Two in the Great Library Series
by Laurie Graves

Maya, Andy, the Great Library. The story continues!

The Wave of Time
Edited by Clif Graves

Wave of Time CoverDo we simply ride the wave of time, like a piece of flotsam on the ocean? Do we get thrown up on the ever-changing shore of a future that was always there? Do we create the future by our actions, or do we have no control or impact on it?

The Wave of Time is a collection of eight classic tales of time travel that were originally published in science fiction magazines between 1931 and 1956. Some of the authors were well known at the time and some were not. Each story was chosen to represent a different take on the nature of time and time travel.

Discover how the first group to build a working time machine protect their intellectual property. Find out what it is like to remember the future. Look for the answer to the question “If time travel is possible, where are the tourists from the future?” Travel a billion years in the past, to the far future, and so much more.

Project Mastodon - By Clifford D. Simak
The House from Nowhere - By Arthur G. Stangland
Prison of a Billion Years - By Stephen Marlowe
The Man From 2071 - By Sewell Peaslee Wright
Lost in the Future -By John Victor Peterson
The End of Time - By Wallace West
The Edge of the Knife - By H. Beam Piper
Unborn Tomorrow - By Mack Reynolds

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