The Great Library Series by Laurie Graves

Maya and the Book of Everything
By Laurie Graves
Book 1 of the Great Library Series
$14.99 (Shipping to USA only)

Library Lost
By Laurie Graves
Book 2 of the Great Library Series
$14.99 (Shipping to USA only)

Out of Time
By Laurie Graves
Book 3 of the Great Library Series
$14.99 (Shipping to USA only)

Of Time and Magic
By Laurie Graves
Book 4 of the Great Library Series
$14.99 (Shipping to USA only)

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Real Spies_cover

Now that they have outgrown the diaper wearing, annoying little Cub Scouts, they are ready to conquer the world - or at least their corner of Cricket Cove, Maine. But first, they must survive grade school, outsmart the Johnson boys, and convince their parents to let them use the family’s new outboard by themselves. Why? Because, as they would tell you, real spies do not use rowboats.

Available at Amazon

Something to Sing About

Something To Sing About is a fun, fresh telling of the star-filled night when Jesus was born.
Readers are invited to sing along with each teller as the miraculous evening unfolds.
Introducing seven new, easy-to-sing songs sure to bring joy.

With a heart as big as the Boston skyline, Spencer gained worldwide fame as the beloved Boston Marathon dog. For eight years, the golden retriever cheered for thousands of runners in the cold, freezing rain. A story of hope, inspiration, and a dog who lit up the world with his love.

 Available on Amazon and other locations

Open the cover and you will meet The Dark Lady who haunts the dreams of a recovering alcoholic, A fussy gardener with a secret past, A greedy lawyer who gets a Thanksgiving comeuppance, A Gulf War veteran whose combat injury left him without a conscience, and a girl mildly allergic to sunlight who returns for her tenth high school reunion with a unique plan for revenge, and more.

Available on Amazon and other locations.

A Collection of Interviews with exceptional Intuitive Maine Women, sharing wisdom about spiritual topics, including: Mediumship, Channeling, Table-tipping, Astral Travel, Medical Intuition, Astrology, Numerology, Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, Sound Healing, Alchemical Healing and much more.
 Available on Amazon and other locations


In Regina Strongheart's memoir, When My Mother was a Mountain, the author shares her extraordinary personal odyssey with courage, candor, and humor. She has intricately interwoven her life story with the story of her solitary journey through the Black Hills, a trip guided by mysterious invisible forces.
Available on Barnes and Noble Paperback and ebook available on Amazon


Hard Scrabble Kids - Myrna, Icky, Sara (with no H), Greg, and everyone else in these stories face a challenge. Some are more serious than others, but all seem daunting until a bit of magic comes along to help them.
Paperback and Kindle  Available on Amazon

The Lobster Lady is an inspiring story about the oldest lobster trapper in Maine, and maybe even the world. Virginia Oliver is 102 and began catching lobsters off Rockland’s coast when she was a little girl.
Available from Amazon and other locations.

Sammy in the Sky is a deeply affecting tale of love, loss, and remembrance — told in clear-eyed prose by a top journalist and illustrated by a renowned American painter. Sammy, the best hound dog in the whole wide world, loves his girl and she loves him. When illness cuts Sammy’s life short, the girl’s family keeps his spirit alive
Available from Amazon and other locations

Percy’s Patience is a children’s picture book biography about former Maine Governor Percival P. Baxter.
For children age group 8-12 years.
Available from Amazon

The Goose Lady Marjorie Bean Scott dressed a cement goose on her front lawn in Augusta, Maine. She made over 100 outfits for the friend she affectionately called, ‘Goosey.’ Thousands of tourists, children, and grownups photographed the goose and gave it gifts. People wrote letters thanking “The Goose Lady” for putting a smile on their faces and stirring joy in their hearts.
Available from Amazon and other locations.

Myrtle is a lovely Turtle. Not an ordinary Turtle. She is Purple and different from other turtles. After being bullied by another turtle, Myrtle tries to become someone else. In the end, Myrtle and her friends help children learn to not be afraid of being different. Myrtle the Purple Turtle is a thoroughly engaging story that stresses the importance of self-acceptance and friendship.
Available from Amazon and other locations.

Vertu est une tortue adorable. Elle n’est pas une tortue ordinaire. Elle est violette, et différente des autres tortues. Après avoir été persécutée par une autre tortue, Vertu essaie de devenir quelqu’un d’autre. En fin de compte, Vertu et ses amis montrent aux enfants qu’ils n’ont pas à craindre d’être différents. Vertu la Tortue Violette est une histoire captivante qui souligne l’importance de l’acceptation de soi et de l’amitié.

Available from Amazon and other locations.

Karen Toothaker Karen Richards Toothaker, childhood educator and children’s book author

It has been great working with you. I will definitely be in touch again (soon I hope!) with a new picture book and will recommend your services when the opportunity arises!

Barbara Walsh Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist

Clif Graves takes the stress out of self-publishing. He is a terrific book designer, and he is skilled in uploading your manuscript to print on demand companies.  He also has the patience of five saints and will help you overcome any glitches or "bumps in the road" that you may encounter on your self-publishing journey.